Be a friend of the Liturgy Museum, participating in the Friends of the Museum Program

Today, besides, the Museum of the Liturgy is open to visitation, it also fulfills its socio-cultural and educational role, giving continuity to the local traditions, of great importance to spread and understand our history.

Therefore, we need the participation of enthusiasts, like you, to maintain this relevant heritage.

Your support is essential to the sustainability of our Liturgy Museum!

Be part of that continuity, be part of the story.


Those who are part of the Friends of the Liturgy Museum Program receive several benefits, as well as the pleasure of contributing to its maintenance, and can also deduct from the Income Tax the value of their collection. Follow the document on how to request the deduction of your Income Tax. (


And also, its name can be part of a prominent panel, next to all the patrons of the Museum. Know the categories and choose the one that suits you best!




 If your company and / or institution has an interest in being a SUPPORTER, there are several forms of participation. Choose below which best suits your profile:

  • Through the Cultural Incentive Laws, with deduction of Income Tax and other taxes.

  • Sponsorship of events, exhibitions and campaigns, using direct marketing funds, with a counterpart in the promotion and insertion of the brand.

  • Adoption of specific projects within the spheres of the museum - culture, education, training and events.

  • Donation / exchange of material goods and services that contribute to the maintenance and development of museum activities.

  • Rental of space for special and closed events.

  • Scheduling of guided lectures and guided institutional visits for fundraising purposes.

In the case of foundations, institutes and NGOs, support can take the following forms:

  • Institutional partnership projects, tailor-made for a specific action that meets the needs of both organizations.

For individuals, collaboration with the Museum can happen from:

  • Development of volunteer projects.

  • Donation of works of art to be integrated with the collection of the museum.

  • Donation of funds to fund lost.

For more information and clarifications on these forms of support, please contact

direction of the Museum of the Liturgy, by email or by phone (32) 3355-1552.

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