Liturgy - from the Greek leitourgia - means the gathering of people around a work or action directed to the public or sacred world.

The liturgical gestures, like the objects and rites, point us to the divinity that walks with us and next to which we ascend to the sacred.

The experience of faith in salvation in Jesus Christ is expressed ritually in the Catholic liturgy, but it is not exhausted in the rite, and should extend to the daily life of the Christian, providing the foundations of fraternal and delicate coexistence with one's neighbor.



For Christians, the Mystery is not an enigma to be solved, but an event of faith that reveals itself with the help of signs and words.


In the liturgy the Mystery of God is celebrated in the life of the Christian enlightened by the Easter of Christ. Focused on the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Paschal Mystery symbolizes the salvation of mankind in Christ.



Sensitivity, delicacy, simplicity. The liturgy proclaims the search for what is essential, so it has real importance for the development of people and their relations with God and with others.


Despoiling, the cultivation of beauty without ostentation, and noble simplicity are fundamental values to combat pride, consumerism and selfishness. By feeling part of a shared, as in an assembly or in a city, the faithful divest themselves of their individual desires and sympathize with the other to celebrate what is common, what belongs to everyone.


"Look at the lilies of the field, they neither work nor spin, and I tell you that even Solomon in all his glory was not clothed like one of them."



Fraternity is one of the fundamental values of Christianity and requires love of neighbor, without differentiation of color, gender or social position.


This fraternal love founds the liturgy and is based on the sharing of the sorrows and anxieties of the neighbor, in the common search for a reality that is ordered by ethics, justice and equality of conditions for all.



The rite is the liturgy in act, the celebration of the Paschal Mystery.


The purpose of the Catholic liturgy is to bring people together and hold them together around the Word of God, offered as a guide to illuminate the lives of the faithful, common prayer and the sacramental signs that commemorate aspects of the history of salvation.


Everything in the liturgy is an instrument for understanding, transforming, acting, creating and re-creating the world, things, the city and men in their individuality and in their relationships with others.



Epiphany is the manifestation of the sacred. In the case of Christianity, it means the revelation and presence of God and his action in rites, sacraments and the celebration of the faith. It also designates the sign of the Lord that was given to the wise men, since through them Jesus was manifested to all nations.

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