Whole: R $ 10,00

Half-way ticket: R $ 5,00

Valid for students and persons over 60 (upon presentation of the respective identification vouchers).


Free entrance:
- residents of Tiradentes
- children under five years of age.


Days: Thursday to Monday, including holidays

Hours: 10am to 5pm
(closure of the box office at 4:30 p.m.)


The building has toilets, elevators and access for people with reduced mobility.


• Speak and move in moderation in the exhibition spaces, so as to avoid risks to exposed works and discomfort for other visitors;
• Do not touch the works or the equipment of the exhibition rooms;
• Do not pass safety signs to see the works;
• Do not chew gum, eat or drink in the exhibition area;
• Do not shoot or shoot, with or without flash (only employees have this permission to record their activities).


So that you can enjoy even more in your coming to the Museum, we offer independent or guided tours.

In the independent visits it is possible to retrieve at the service desk a self-explanatory material that offers an interdisciplinary view on specific pieces of the collection.

In guided visits, we have the Liturgy Museum's Educational Program that offers materials and activities specially designed to meet the interests of different groups of visitors. The proposal is to promote dialogue between past and present, local community and tourists, Catholics and non-Catholics, contributing to build a culture of appreciation of cultural and religious diversity. In guided visits, puppets, games and other resources work the contents in an interactive and playful way, exploring the relationships between material and immaterial heritage from the pieces of the collection.

We look forward to your visit!


The Educational Program offers guided visits to school groups or not, linked to public and private institutions.
Scheduling can be done by phone or email.
Here is the information you need to plan and schedule your group visit.

Days and Hours of Guided Visits:

From Thursday to Monday, from 10 am to 4 pm
(times subject to change).
On holidays there are no guided tours

Minimum age:

Six years - although the Liturgy Museum is open to receive people of any age, space is not fit to accommodate groups of very young children.

Accompanying persons
Duration of Visit:

1h30min, approximately.

Número de visitantes por grupo:

For groups between six and twelve years of age, there must be one adult companion for every ten children. For groups over 12 years of age, there must be one adult for every fifteen members.

Minimum 10 visitors and maximum 35, including the companions.

Scheduling Procedures

You can reserve the day and time of your group's visit by telephone between Thursday and Monday from 10am to 5pm.

(32) 3355-1552


Reservations must be made at least a week in advance. To confirm the reserved date it is necessary to fill out the Schedule Form and send by email to the same address -

Suggestions and Feedback
  • Before contacting us to schedule your visit, choose some day and time options for your convenience to make it easier to schedule.

  • Keep an eye on the deadline of up to one week to send the Scheduling Form confirming your reservation. After this period, your reservation will lose its validity becoming available to other interested parties.

  • Attention to the maximum number of visitors per group (35, including the companions). As the museum functions in a historic building, the exhibition halls are small and accommodate a restricted number of visitors.

  • Carefully read the guidelines and visiting guidelines before bringing your group.

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Here are some recommendations and tips to make your group's visit useful.

  • The educator of the Liturgy Museum is responsible for the dynamics of the visit, but their collaboration is very important. Please stay in the group throughout the visit and assist the educator in your requests and in maintaining the rules collectively combined;

  • If necessary, attend to the need of the member of the group who needs to be temporarily absent from the activity;

  • Recommend that participants bring a light sweater, since the environments of the exhibition are air-conditioned;

  • Recommend that participants do not bring bags or backpacks for the visit. In addition to the museum's storage bins being small to accommodate all large group belongings, much time is lost in this process;

  • Come with the number of visitors you announced on the schedule sheet;

  • If your institution is a school, avoid bringing together students from different grades in the same group

  • Try to arrive in advance, because in case of delay the corresponding time will be deducted from the time foreseen for the visit;

  • Make sure that the companions of the group you are bringing are aware of the safety standards of the Liturgy Museum.

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